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That is the current Erasmus + school project in which the Carl-Zeiss-School participates. Students from our school, together with their peers from Estonia, Italy, Poland and Spain, create the European school magazine "Yeurope Times".

It will be published five times in the next two years - in a paper form as well as an internet version, which can also be read on the mobile phone. We have a local editorial group for the magazine at our school, which take place as an after school club. For the final editorial of every edition the students meet in another participating town. The first two editions are just printed and can also be read as a web version on the mobile. An app is in preparation.

"Erasmus + School Exchange Partnership” is the new type of the European student exchange program funded by the European Union. The precursor was the COMENIUS Program “Lifelong Learning”. The CZO has participated in these programs since 2004.

Why does our school participate again and again in this program?
The students…

  • get to know the schools and lessons in other countries,
  • work together on project-oriented subjects
  • improve their English and ICT skills
  • get to know the cities of the partner schools
  • live in host families and spend their free time together.
  • realize directly the culture and the way of life of other countries in Europe.

Results of previous projects can be found at the following links: