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Rom 2013

On Monday we presented our presentations about fair-trade which we had prepared already in Germany. The significant highlight on this day was our visit of the museum of the Vatican City. The rest of the day we spent with our friends.

The next day we talked with the other Comenius members and worked with them in mixed groups to prepare the presentations about typical Christmas customs in Italy, Great Britain and Germany. After work we went to the "Museum of Modern Art". Here one can see many paintings of famous artist. For many students that was very interesting.

On Wednesday we didn't go to school because we went to the Forum Romano, the ancient Rome, and listened to the Italian students who prepared talks about the history of Rome and showed us the ancient temples. After our visit we went to the Colosseum. Due to the very heavy rain we only walked around the middle section and looked to the ground of the Colosseum. At midday we went to the Fountain of Trevi.

The following day we finished our presentations on the international Christmas customs at school but the afternoon we spent with our friends in the city.

At 20 o'clock we got together again to celebrate our farewell-dinner in an antique tramway. It took us around the city and thus we had a beautiful night tour through Rome and saw all the sights again - the most impressive by far was the Colosseum at night and with no rain we went off again to take other pictures! During the tour the Italian hosts offered us a very delicious meal with pastries, ham, cheese, pizza, bread and different cakes which they partly made themselves or bought it as Italian specialties. Hmm, very yummy!
On Friday we had to say good bye to our hosts and to the English students and went to the airport to fly back to our families. At our arrival we saw our families again and were pretty happy.
That was the best week in our life!

Marcel & Simon, 9th grade