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What can we learn in a supermarket? – an intercultural dialogue of young Eruropeans
COMENIUS Project 2011 - 2013

Students from Berlin, London and Rome were interested in everyday life and popular culture of other young people in Europe as well as the cultures and traditions of their countries. They wanted to know more about the cultural richness of national and regional diversity in Europe as well as the similarities of the culture of young people today.

Starting from a concrete investigation of  "supermarketes" in our towns we wanted to explore everyday life, study cultural habits, interests, tastes of young people from the participating countries to find out existing of national, and regional differences and similarities.
Thus in our project we have discussed and compared:
- the local availability of different kinds of supermarkets and their structures,
- a different offer of products in various types of supermarkets,
- the biochemical composition of different food of discounter supermarkets or organic markets,
- the consumer behavior of young people,
- the social and environmental aspects such as "fair trade",
- advertising as an important part of "supermarketing" and made our own video clips,
- the example of classical national dishes and the preferences of young people.
We also investigated "Christmas" as an example of the festival culture to know something about the traditions and customs of the participating countries.
The project conferences at the partner schools were more than only a visit or the co-production of a special topic. In addition to the increase of knowledge other aspects like emotional and social ones were especially pointed out by the students. By living with a host family they experienced a different daily life as well as a various lifestyle and also other customs they could understand almost immediately.
The students developed a friendly relationship with students from London and Rome which can be read in the following statements of students who participated in the project:
"After all the school did not turn out as bad as we thought it would. It was great fun and I also hope to go back and visit again."
"All together I had a great experience full of new adventures, I made new friends and in addition to that I learned a little bit of a new language: Italian."
"That was the best week in our life!"