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Diary Sunday

We met in the early morning at the airport Schönefeld. After all arrived, we went to the check in. Except that there was a small problem at the check in and a student unfortunately could not come along, everything else went well and we were a little later on the plane. After a slightly shaky fly we went by bus to the city of Manchester. After our bus ride we had to walk for 20 minutes and it was freezing cold and extremely windy. So when we arrived at the hostel completely chilled we were given an hour to leave our things in our rooms and have a rest. We met in the lobby after the hour was up and started walking to get some food. We ate in a hall where there was only vegan food. It tasted .... different to say the least. When we had all eaten and were "fed", we started our city tour even though we didn’t notice until some time later that we had lost two of our students. We waited for three quarters of an hour at the Vimto park until these two students found us again. Because all the students were completely exhausted, hungry and again cold, because it was still extremely windy and cold, we finally went back to the hostel where everyone immediately went to their room to chill after all the stress. Still, the day was somehow terribly funny.

Helin, Sarah, Michelle + Mila


On Monday morning we went for breakfast and at the same time we celebrated Elena’s birthday. We also got some delicious cake from Mr McHugh and Miss Blankschyn served at the hostel. After breakfast we were picked up by two buses and drove to St. Peter’s High School. When we arrived we had time to talk to the guest students and we gave them our presents. Then we were guided through the school and were allowed to look into some rooms. After that we went to class with other students. We were all in different lessons and could take a lot with us. In the break we got free food in the cafeteria of the school and could talk a little bit. Many students tried to establish a conversation with us and everyone was very nice. After that we went back to class. At the end we all met again in one room and played games until we were brought back to the hostel. In the evening we went to eat in a delicious restaurant and let the evening fade away. It was a very nice day and we all gained a lot of experience.

Sophia, Elena, Josefina + Jasmine

Manchester trip -Tuesday-

Today we woke up at 6:45am and went down to get our breakfast at 7:30. After that we walked to Manchester library, where we met the students and teachers from the St. Peter´s high school. We went inside a hall where the mayor of Manchester answered all of our question and told us about her job as a mayor and her life. We think it was really interesting to learn more about this job. Then she asked us about our favourite place in Berlin and about our dream job. Later she showed us the debate chamber , where we´ve pretended two debates about different topics. At one o´clock we went to the science and industry museum, which was near our hostel.
We walked through the museum in small groups with the pupils and I think this museum was interesting. Later, we went to a fish and chips restaurant and after that we said goodbye to the pupils, because we had to go back to the hostel. The pupils were nice to us and you can talk well with them.
In the hostel, we had time until we went to the Arndale shopping center, were we had two hours to go to the shops. It is a really nice centre where you have every shop you need.
Then we had to go, because some of us had to go to the football game we drove by bus at 7.30pm to the Old-Trafford stadium. We watched the match Manchester United vs. Burnley with Mr. McHugh. It was very exciting, because in the last minute the decisive goal for United fell. It was 2:2. On the way back we got lost thanks to Mr. McHugh and we arrived at the hostel at 0:30 am. The others went to the cinema and watched Mary Poppins.
The film ended at 10pm and then they returned to the hostel to go to sleep. It was a great day!!

Lena, Isabell, Stella + Michelle L.

Wednesday: What happened today?

Our plan for today was to go to school. We all looked forward to speaking and having lessons with the Manchester pupils. But then in the night it snowed. In England snow is very unusual, so the school couldn't pick us up from our hostel. We would never have no school just because it snowed. That’s a big difference. Because of the weather the BMX riding also failed. For me this message was the worst moment of the day because I like riding the bike. Until 12 am we have free time, most of us used the time to pack the suitcases.
Then we met downstairs at the reception. From there we walked to an Indian restaurant. On the way we heard two presentations. The first was about the popular red postbox. In the year 1996 there was a bomb attack and luckily the postbox wasn’t destroyed. It is still used.
Next our group presented something about the corn exchange. The building was originally used as a grain exchange and was previously called Corn & Produce Exchange and then The Triangle. It was renovated after the IRA bomb in 1996 and was a modern shopping center until July 2014. Today the corn exchange is a big food mall with a lot of restaurants. The restaurants sell different foods from different countries so the corn exchange has food from all over the world! Also it is famous for its big building, it counts as one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. After the presentation we walked on to the Indian restaurant. The food was very spicy, and some like it but others found it “disgusting”. While eating we counted the photos from the bees, because the group that had the most photos of bees got a prize. Unfortunately our group didn’t win the prize, but that’s okay. Then we had free time again a lot of us went shopping. It was so funny!! The others went to the hostel like me, Gina with my roommates Sophia and Elena. Elena and I then went to McDonalds and each bought a burger with fries because the Indian food had not made us happy
Later we went back to the hostel and chilled in our rooms. At 10 pm we went to bed.

Gina, Eleonora, Giselle + Emily


It´s Thursday and today we flew back to Berlin. We woke up between 7 am – 8 am. We ate breakfast. After the breakfast we packed the bags and the other stuff and we went to the bus station. Then we drove to the airport. The flight was relaxed and good. Next to the airport there were our families and said: “Welcome home.“ We said goodbye and went home.
All in all, the trip to Manchester was so fantastic because everyone was nice to us and we saw a lot of different things. That was incredible. The best experience was the football game.

Lili, Jolina, Helena + Julia