Tagebücher der Manchesterfahrt 2020

Diary: Saturday 25. January

Mr. McHugh had to go back to school, because of some stamp. We landed in Manchester about 12 o clock. Then we had to go through the security check, which took a while. After we were done with that, we had to wait to get our suitcases back. Then we had to wait for the bus, which drove us to our hostel, but we had to wait almost 20 minutes.
The bus finally came and we got to the hostel. Everyone walked into their rooms and changed their outfits. Then we walked about two hours and visited some sights. Later we were in groups and we went to restaurants, or to supermarkets. We drank Bubble Tea and ate some pizza and Chicken Wings with Fries. About an hour later I (Jana) got an allergic reaction and I still do not know why I got it. Some of us are preparing presentations the others just chilled in their rooms. We are excited for tomorrow, how it is going to be. I hope I am getting better too.
Jana, Dunja, Max Zabel, Mateja

Diary: Sunday 26 January

Today we woke up at 7:30 and went down to get our breakfast at 8:30 in the cafeteria. After lunch Mr. Mchugh gave us a little presentation about the Manchester City fan chants. After that we went into two groups. One group went to the cinema and watched a film which we could choose and the others went to the Football stadium, where they watched the game between Manchester City and Fulham. It was very nice because Manchester won 4:0 and there was a very good mood. After that we had free time. Most of us ate something and went shopping. At some point everyone was in the hostel and played games, watched a film or did other things.
Angelina, Benno, Max Prescher

Diary: Monday 27 January

We got up at 7AM. After that we had a delicious breakfast.
We were picked up by school busses at 8 am. After this we met the English students and they gave us a tour in the school. Next we went individually to the lessons like English or Science. Then we had a break in the cafeteria or at the schoolyard. In the 3rd lesson we had PE or religion. After that we had a music lesson all together and learned to play the Ukulele and the African drums.
Then we had the last lesson, like Math or English.
The school was ending and the busses drove us to our hostel.
After this we finished our city tour all together. At 6 pm we had free time.
The students were very friendly and nice. We were an attraction because everybody wanted to talk with us. The school was more strict than our school. They didn´t have a classroom, just a room for the lessons. It didn’t give any bad moments because the students were more than nice.
Lara, Cameron, Emma, Jannis

Diary: Tuesday 28 January

At first we ate breakfast and heard presentations from different people, who spoke too much English yesterday. After that we met the students from St. Peter‘s at the town hall and together we visited the Mayor of Manchester. It was interesting to find out stuff about him, like what his real job is or that he is the Mayor of Manchester for only one year. Sometimes it was difficult to understand the Mayor, but that was no big problem.
Then, we drove to St. Peter’s. While we had a buffet we spoke with our students from St. Peter‘s Highschool and played UNO. In the end we went to a pub and ate something before we went back to the hostel.

Diary: Wednesday 28 January

So yesterday we woke up and had breakfast then we went on our way to visit the Manchester United stadium with the English students. After we arrived we listened to a presentation by teacher/ex-footballplayer/coach which was very interesting because we also saw old shirts from players like Pogba, Messi and Ronaldo and we were also allowed to wear them and do pictures. After that we got a tour through the stadium and also saw the changing room of the team.
Then we went on the bus and drove to the Trafford center and were allowed to go around with our group. I (Ole) went with Emma, Nina, Celine and two English students. We got presents for each other and it was a great time. I (Noor) was in a group with Jana, Dunya and the English students Mercedes, Misha, Emily, Chardeh, Gifty and Gezza. First we went shopping and bought some clothes and a game called jelly bean and played at the Gamehall where we also played “carting” and basketball and a lot of other games.

We also ate together, some of us at Mcdonalds or KFC and so on. Then we played truth or dare at the center. Then the time passed by and we had to go to the bus and were very sad about needing to leave. After we left the bus we also cried because these people were the nicest people I have ever met and I hope I will see them again somehow. I (Joelle) was in a group with two Max, Helena, Hala, Benno and English students. We were in JD, Zara, H&M and more. I bought jewelry and a pencil case. it was very nice and fun. At 5 o’clock we must go back to the entrance with all in my group. The bus came too late. We stood in a traffic jam for an hour. After that I ate fish and chips with Hala. I( Sofie) was in a group with Angel, Julia, Asaida, Charlotta, Camoran, Miron and Ronja. First we bought something to eat. Then we split in two groups. One group went Shopping and the second group ate something again. Then we met in a Shop. We went to many shops and the English people showed us cool shops. We went to an “American sweet shop” there were so many cool sweets. Then we went back to the start and waited for the teachers.
Noor, Ole, Sophie, Joelle

Thursday January 30th, 2020

Today is our last day in Manchester, which means the last chance to take some photos or to enjoy the view.
Like every day, we all meet to have breakfast together. After breakfast we have to clear our rooms completely and bring our suitcases to the Lobby. Now it’s time to wait, wait and wait. After what feels like an eternity, we all go to the Hilton Hotel not far from our hostel to enjoy the view in the bar and have a drink on the 23rd floor. Today the group with the most photographed bees gets a drink. Noor, Ole, Joelle and Sofie have won the bee challenge with 116 bees and are getting a drink. When we arrive at the Hillton Hotel we take the elevator to the „23 Cloud“ cocktail bar on the 23rd floor. The view up here is breathtaking because you have a view of the beautiful Manchester skyline. We order something to drink and sit down in a few places directly on the long window front. After spending a little time upstairs, we go back down and now we have some free time. Some people spend this time buying a few things in the supermarket or just enjoying the rest of the time. The free time goes quickly and we make our way back to the hostel. There we collect our suitcases and then walk to the bus stop where a bus is supposed to take us to the airport. When we get there, we learn that the bus is late and not just for a few minutes. We decided that it would be better if we take the train to the airport. This is a bit away from the bus stop and we have to walk there again. After a walk we have finally arrived at the train station. We quickly get tickets and take the next train to the airport. We arrive at the airport on time and go through the security check. Now we are already boarding. Before that, we buy something to eat and to drink in a shop at the airport. Now we are finally on the plane on our way to Berlin. After a few hours flight we finally arrive in Berlin. We are greeted by our parents at the airport. It was a very nice time for all of us and we had a lot of fun.
Celine, Helena, Miron, Carlotta